Free San Diego Downtown Motorcycle/Scooter Parking

*** In 2015 CurbNinja released a free mobile app where users can upload/tag motorcycle parking spots. This is significantly better than the (unreleased) app I created...and it's current!. Anyone interested in free motorcycle parking in San Diego is well-advised to download their free app! ***

Background on my project
As a librarian and motorcyclist/scooterist, I was stunned to find that there was no listing of free parking for motorcycles and scooters in downtown San Diego, where parking is a premium. I had a bit of free time during Summer 2011 so, with a Thomas Guide, a GPS, and my camera, I mapped out free downtown motorcycle/scooter parking…all from the comfort of my 2005 Honda PS 250 Big Ruckus scooter.

I have made tremendous use of this data, attending countless concerts downtown and enjoying free parking. I took me until November 2012 to get around to building the apps for iOS and Android (because, after a long haul, I gave up trying to make ESRI's ArcGIS mobile coding work). Just as I was ready to release my free apps, I saw on the San Diego Adventure Riders web site that another local motorcyclist, Mr. Brian Austin, had a similar idea to map out (over a 5-year period) some of the downtown area (see Mr. Austin's map). Mr. Austin's list is smaller than mine (but more detailed, as he noted exact addresses). He located several data points that I hadn't found, and I added the data points I was able to confirm via Google Earth. After submitting my project to the App Store, it was rejected for lack of interactivity. Due to time constraints, I abandoned the project but continue to use the app for personal use.

My next project is to take what I learned and map out local bicycle parking (I try to ride my Priority Bicycle or KickBike for errands, but there's always the issue of where to lock it!)