Celebrating Oliver's 6th Birthday (January 21) at the Waldorf-Astoria La Quinta Resort and Spa

January 25, 2014

To celebrate Oliver's 6th birthday, we took a road trip to La Quinta CA (east of Palm Springs) to relax for a few days at the Waldorf-Astoria La Quinta Resort and Spa.

Having fun at the resort

Oliver and Fiona Share the New Dog Bed

January 18, 2014

Oliver and Fiona decided to share the new dog bed!


Dog Day at the Spa

January 10, 2014

Everyone was in need of a bath, so we visited Unleashed at Petco to make use of their doggie wash. Awesome! The store supplies the bath facilities, shampoo, conditioner, towels and brushes. We will *definitely* be regulars! Much easier than bathing everyone on deck with the solar shower, or in the RV.

Spa Day!

New Dog Bed!

January 05, 2014

Although we sleep in a big pile at night, sometimes the pups enjoy napping during the day in a dog bed. Downstairs in the galley is a donut “cat” bed (perfect size for Snow and Fiona, but Oliver loves to curl up in it!), as well as a larger dog bed that belonged to Arrow. Fiona was suffering from severe pancreatitis and vomited all over the larger dog bed, and ended up spending Sunday/Monday/Tuesday at the pet hospital. It was time to toss that old bed anyway, so I replaced it with an ergonomic egg-carton-contour therapeutic bed. Oliver was the first to test it out :-)


San Diego Cocker Spaniel Meetup

January 04, 2014

Oliver and pals at the Cocker Spaniel Meetup!


Canopy Day with the Bonita RoadRunners

January 04, 2014

Oliver and I celebrate our January birthdays with the Bonita RoadRunners!

Make a wish, Oliver!:

Fiona with a Penguin on Her Back!

December 31, 2013

Fiona plays around, with a penguin on her back!

Silly Fiona!

Merry Christmas Oliver, Snow and Fiona!

December 24, 2013

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family, enjoying a nice meal and opening their gifts!

Merry Christmas Oliver, Snow and Fiona!

The Fam at the Dirt Dog XC Cuyamaca 6K

November 02, 2013

The pack cheered me and the BRR at the Dirt Dog XC Cuyamaca 6K!

BRR Kids:

Jog/Walk with Fiona

November 01, 2013

Fun time with the BRR Jog/Walk with Fiona!

BRR Kids:

Oliver Attends Chula Vista Harborfest

September 21, 2013

Fun time with Oliver at the Chula Vista Harborfest!

Oliver decided he didn't want to try & catch a fish - he just wanted someone to toss one in his mouth.

Oliver thinks about trying out paddleboarding (we'll just kayak here at home ;-)
Oliver spies the Beer/Margarita garden from afar

USATF Aztec Invitational

September 21, 2013

Snowball with her BRR team at the USATF Aztec Invitational in Balboa Park


Happy Birthday Snowball!

June 20, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Snowball!!

Tai Chi @ the Library

June 12, 2013

My star pupil "Pomi" prepares to learn the Yang Style Sword Form at the Chula Vista Public Library's free Tai Chi class.

Oliver Enjoys the San Diego Spaniel Rescue Meetup

June 01, 2013

Ecstatic Oliver briefly poses for the camera while playing with his Spaniel family at today's San Diego Spaniel Rescue "Spaniel Social"

Oliver Plays the Piano!

May 15, 2013

Oliver demonstrates his expertise in playing the piano!

Fiona and Oliver Race the Chula Vista Community 5K!

May 11, 2013

Fiona raced her first 5K! She's still on antibiotics for her UTI, so I ran and carried her until just before the finish line (which she ZOOMED across). Oliver ran the entire 5K this year, thanks to coaching, leadership and leash-holding by Coach Ms T of the Bonita Road Runners team. Finish time was 35min - congrats Fiona and Oliver!!!!!

While Fiona and Oliver raced, speedy Snowball stayed at her grandma's house and played with Gloria the cat :-)

Chula Vista Community 5K:

Post-Race Sleepies!!:

Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona…and Playing "Wild Animal"!

May 10, 2013

Fiona, Snow and Oliver enjoy their Bonita Road Runners' sponsored "Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona." Everyone enjoyed sporting their new haircuts (Snow and Oliver had the Top Dog Grooming at PetSmart, while Fiona had a bath and nail trim).

After their jog/walk, they enjoyed playing "wild animal" (on deck) by taking turns gnawing on a free-range/organic beef rib!

Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona:

Playing "wild animal" on deck:

Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona!

April 05, 2013

Fiona is training for the Chula Vista Community 5K, and sponsors the weekly BRR event "Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona." Today she was accompanied on her workout by Oliver and Snow!

Friday Jog/Walk with Fiona:

Oliver Practices Pushing a Shopping Cart at PetSmart Training

March 02, 2013

Brought my camera and got video of Oliver practicing his tricks and pushing a shopping cart!

Oliver shows his tricks to the PetSmart cashiers. Oliver uses the lower shelf to push the cart...
…then stands and pushes the cart like a person!

Another Day of Kayaking

March 03, 2013

Everyone enjoyed the nice warm day…out on the kayak!


Oliver Learns to Push a Shopping Cart at PetSmart Training

February 23, 2013

Oliver attended PetSmart Training and practiced his agility routine. At the end of class, the trainer taught Oliver how to push a shopping cart! A customer didn't realize we were using the shopping cart for training, and he placed a box of cat litter inside. With the customer's OK, Oliver continued to push the cart around the store (Oliver isn't tall enough to push with the handle, so he pushes using the foot rail). Next week, I'm bringing my camera!

Let's Go Kayaking!

February 18, 2013

Everyone enjoyed some time on the kayak, checking out the ducks, birds (including the Great Blue Heron!) and other boats.


Fiona Attends PetSmart Training

February 16, 2013

Fiona took a turn attending PetSmart Training, where she practiced her rollover, dance, speak and learned to "take a bow"!! (No camera…)

Fiona Visits the Library

February 15, 2013

Fiona visited the library, to say goodbye to the colleague who cared for her when Fiona was abandoned in the library. Fiona didn't want to perform any trick other than "Army crawl." Silly Fiona! (No camera…)

Snowball Finishes First Place Dog at the Hungry Dog Dash 5K

February 03, 2013

My little champion!! Snowball finished ahead of every dog at the Hungry Dog Dash 5K and proudly models her dog tag medal! She also dragged me to a first place finish in my age group, and I received an awesome dog trophy!

Hungry Dog Dash 5K:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Attend BRR Canopy Day, and Oliver Attends SD Spaniel Meetup and Petsmart Training

February 02, 2013

Busy day for the pups! Snow enjoyed a 3 mile run, Oliver enjoyed a nice walk, and Fiona enjoyed a brief jog at BRR Canopy Day. Despite being 6 miles away from the power plant implosion, it was quite loud. While Snow and Fiona napped, Oliver attended the SD Spaniel Meetup and then resumed his training at Petsmart. When we got home, Oliver crashed out on the sofa with a smile on his little face :-)

San Diego Spaniel Meetup:

Snowball Visits Roadrunner Sports

February 01, 2013

Snowball attends the Electric Run packet pickup at Roadrunner Sports.

Snowball at Roadrunner Sports:

Happy 5th Birthday Oliver!!!

January 21, 2013

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed a full day of celebrating Oliver's 5th birthday!!!

Breakfast on deck (organic duck and organic raw veggies):


Oliver opens his birthday gifts:

Oliver shares his "Newman's Own" Organic Beef with his sisters:

Nap time after a nice walk:

Organic, free range chicken for a late-night snack:

Snowball Races the Petco Walk.Run.Wag 5K!

January 12, 2013

Snowball, race ambassador for the Petco Walk.Run.Wag 5K, races to a speedy 25min finish!

Petco Walk.Run.Wag 5K:

Congratulations Snowball!:

Fiona's Twin!!:

Post-Race Pic:

Oliver Celebrates His January Birthday at BRR Canopy Day and SD Spaniel Meetup

January 01, 2013

Oliver celebrates his birthday month at BRR Canopy Day, then plays with his pals at the SD Spaniel Meetup.

BRR Canopy Day:

SD Spaniel Meetup (standing in background):

Snoozing with Snowball, legs interlocked looking like the yin-yang symbol: