Happy New Year's Eve to Oliver, Fiona and Snow

December 31, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoy a relaxing New Year's Eve!


Enjoying a Spot of Sunshine

December 30, 2012

Everyone finds a spot of sunshine!

Keeping warm (Oliver is next to me and therefore not in the pic):

Relaxing on the Boat and Enjoying the Wildlife

December 26, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed a relaxing day on the boat, checking out the wildlife!

Relaxing on the boat and enjoying the wildlife:

Merry Christmas to Oliver, Fiona and Snow

December 25, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed a spectacular Christmas Day at their Grandma's house!

Enjoying Christmas breakfast (chicken):

Enjoying Christmas lunch (tuna):

Naptime after lunch:

Merry Christmas Eve to Oliver, Fiona and Snow

December 24, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed a spectacular Christmas Eve at their Grandma's house!

Everyone enjoys organic free-range duck and organic vegetables before opening their presents:



December 23, 2012

After several walks and a nice breakfast of organic chicken and raw organic vegetables, everyone enjoys a nap on the sofa.


Snow Ignores the Great Blue Heron

December 22, 2012

Everyone enjoyed lots of walks as we had the day off! Snow (at first) completely ignores the Great Blue Heron, but then she finally saw it.

Enjoying some sunshine:

Enjoying the Ducks!

December 21, 2012

Lots of ducks have been hanging around the boat, so I took a pic of three particularly friendly ones. Oliver enjoys checking out all the wildlife, and is still on the prowl for the big skunk!

Ducks hanging around:

Enjoying the Wildlife

December 20, 2012

Everyone enjoys checking out the ducks and looking for the skunk.

Enjoying the search for wildlife:

Lots of Silly Dog Pictures

December 19, 2012

Not sure if these are silly pictures of dogs, or pictures of silly dogs!

Being silly (and adorable):

Enjoying Homemade Dog Biscuits

December 18, 2012

We received homemade dog biscuits as a Christmas gift (oats, peanut butter, honey) which we all enjoyed (I broke Fiona's into little pieces as she has only four teeth).

Relaxing after sampling the treats:

Athletic Oliver

December 17, 2012

Oliver is so athletic now that he wants to jump out of the boat all by himself. Thankfully he knows he not supposed to do that, so he stands and waits.

Standing Oliver:

Walikes on a Cloudy Day

December 16, 2012

Never mind the clouds - let's go walkies!


Snowball Finishes First Place Dog at the Jingle Bell 5K

December 15, 2012

Snowball raced with her BRR teammates at the Jingle Bell 5K and finished first place dog! Congratulations Snow!! She also enjoyed her first bus ride, on the shuttle to and from the start/finish :-)

Racing Snowball:

Snowball gets a smoochie from local NBC newscaster Whitney Southwick :-)

Snow sees other dogs at the back of the bus:

Visiting the Tall Ship Lady Washington and Enjoying Darwin's Organic Meals

December 14, 2012

We took a walk over the Tall Ship Lady Washington, and then everyone enjoyed Darwin's Organic Meals. Oliver loves to sit by the freezer when it's time to thaw his dinner.

Fun day!

Family Portrait

December 11, 2012

Everyone's hanging out together, waiting for dinner!

The Fam:

Walkies + Fresh Air + Sunshine = Sleepies

December 10, 2012

Time for another nap after all that exercise, and gotta stay warm after getting a buzz-cut hair style!

Getting sleepy:

Snowball Attends the Tinsel Triathlon

December 09, 2012

Snowball served as coach and cheering section while I raced the Tinsel Triathlon. After the race, Snow performed her duties as Ambassador for the upcoming Petco Walk.Run.Wag 5K

Tinsel Tri:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy Rockin' Top Dog Grooming at PetSmart

December 06, 2012

…while Fiona enjoys checking out the rodents for sale!

Fiona with mouse:

Enjoying Oliver's Clubhouse…Again

December 05, 2012

Oliver's clubhouse is becoming the new hangout apparently…and will probably continue to do so as I brought in my freezer from the van, where the Darwin's Natural Dog Meals will be stored.

Relaxing in the galley:

Out for a Walk

December 04, 2012

Everyone enjoys a walk…and Oliver especially enjoys his fire hydrant.


Sleepy Morning Walk

December 03, 2012

Everyone looks half-asleep on this morning's walk!

Sleepy walks:

Line of Dogs Before Heading to Work

December 02, 2012

Oliver, Fiona and Snow take their usual spots on the sofa as I head off to work.


Enjoying Oliver's Clubhouse

December 01, 2012

We got busy with boat maintenance and, due to the rainy weather, the San Diego Spaniel Meetup was postponed to January. We enjoyed hanging out and doing cleaning/repair, and all the kids relaxed in Oliver's clubhouse (the galley).

Relaxing after a full day of helping around the boat: