Duck Watching!!

November 30, 2012

We are all laughing about how it seems to be springtime at the marina, as the bottlebrush trees are in bloom and the ducks are all pairing up. Fun to see the ducks zooming in for a water landing, enjoying their morning bath, and just bopping around the water in pairs.

Watching the ducks:

Oliver Enjoys the Tropics

November 29, 2012

Oliver went exploring on a new trail, complete with palm trees and dense shrubs. It actually is part of the landscaping, but he pretended he was on a tropical adventure.

Tropical Oliver:

Too Exciting Watching the Neighbor Catch a Fish!!

November 28, 2012

The neighbor who has Cinnamon goes fishing off the dock most mornings (he returns the fish he catches back into the water). It was quite a thrill to see another neighbor dog, Red, check out the fish. He thought he could attack it, until the fish jumped in his direction! Red jumped back and decided maybe he didn't want the fish.

Oliver, Snow and Fiona watched him fish for a while but didn't see him catch anything. So they decided to take a nap.

Nap time:

More Napping After Duck-Watching

November 27, 2012

Everyone enjoys watching the ducks take off and land, which requires a nap afterwards.


Morning Run

November 26, 2012

Everyone enjoyed a morning run - Snow ran 5 miles, Oliver ran 3 miles, and Fiona ran along the dock and around the parking lot. It's amazing to see Fiona run, as she couldn't walk much when she was abandoned and just wanted to be held all the time.

Nap time:

Enjoying the Scenery

November 25, 2012

Everyone enjoys checking out the landscaping near the marina, as there is lots of wildlife that travels through there. It has become Oliver's new favorite place to poop!

Snow in front of the landscaping:

Brush Brush Brush!!

November 24, 2012

Everyone enjoys the new poultry-flavored toothpaste! Fiona is the easiest to brush, as she has only four teeth and they're right up front. No one likes the dental rinse (Oliver tolerates it).

Clean teeth:

Android Programming

November 23, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona helped me in developing an Android version of my iPhone app (soon to be released). Well, Fiona wasn't particularly helpful and showed me what she thought of the whole project.


Happy Thanksgiving! Snow Races a 5k, and Oliver, Snow and Fiona Feast on Free-Range Duck and Raw Organic Vegetables

November 22, 2012

All the pups had a blast at the Bonita Road Runners Turkey Trot 5K! Snow and I raced, while Oliver and Fiona napped in the van. Despite several pee stops, a poop stop, and a uniform adjustment stop (Snow's arm came out of her sleeve), we finished in 28:35.

After the race, we stopped at Subway to pick up veggie sandwiches and headed to my mom's house. Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed Darwin's free-range duck and raw organic vegetables for Turkey Day, while my mom and I enjoyed the veggie sandwiches.

Bonita Road Runners Turkey Trot 5K:

Post-run feast!:

Snow naps in the sun after her race and with a full belly:

Fiona and Oliver get sleepy…:

After a nice nap, everyone is ready for more duck and veggies!

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Their Walks and Relaxing on the Boat

November 21, 2012

Everyone enjoyed their daily walks and relaxing on the boat. Oliver wanted to practice his lessons, so we practiced sit/stay.

Oliver practices sit/stay:

Snow and Fiona relax:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Organic Free-Range Chicken for Dinnter

November 20, 2012

Everyone loves their chicken!


Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Their Daily Walks

November 19, 2012

Everyone enjoyed their daily walks, looking for their skunk.

Looking for the skunk:


November 18, 2012

My new neighbor at the marina has an adorable pup named Cinnamon. She originally looked like a Bichon with brown ears ;-) but now, back from the groomer, she shows off her Poodle haircut! After a nice walk with *my* dogs, I went to work only to find that Snow had her own CVPL volunteer tag! (Actually, we really have a volunteer named Snow.)


Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoy their morning walk:

Oliver and Snow hang out in Oliver's clubhouse:

Snow's CVPL volunteer tag:

Fiona Walks with a Neighbor…and Plays with Stella

November 17, 2012

One of my neighbors (who is dog-less) walked Fiona while I walked Snow (Oliver was resting after his walk).

John and Fiona:

Fiona and Stella:


Fiona and Snow:

Oliver Enjoys the Ducks

November 16, 2012

Oliver had a blast checking out all the ducks that were hanging out near the boat and the gangway!

Oliver and the Ducks:

View from the boat:

Snow and Fiona snuggle:

Oliver Goes to Class

November 15, 2012

On our morning walk, Snow had a blast chasing after a grasshopper, while Fiona practiced her singing and Oliver practiced his lessons.

Snow and Fiona:

Oliver practices "stay":

Oliver checks out the fish before class:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Watch the Ducks and Everyone Takes a Nap

November 14, 2012

Everyone enjoyed watching the ducks swim by the boat, and Snow and Fiona enjoyed napping together.

Snow and Fiona:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Take a Walk and Enjoy Oliver's Clubhouse

November 13, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed several walks at the marina. When it was nap time, Oliver decided to nap on the smaller galley cushion, while Snowball took over the larger cushion. Fiona happily relaxed solo in the salon.

Fun day!:

Smiling Dogs

November 12, 2012

Snow and Fiona sit together, all smiles! Oliver is hanging out in his galley clubhouse.

Snow and Fiona:

A Lineup of Dogs

November 11, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona sit in a line along the sofa. This is their usual lineup - Oliver at left, Fiona in the middle, and Snow at right (next to her observation platform).

Oliver, Fiona and Snow:

Napping in the Sunshine

November 10, 2012

Upon returning home from running the Silver Strand Half Marathon (which became nearly a full marathon as I ran back to the start after the race), I found Oliver napping in his galley clubhouse, while Snow and Fiona snuggled on the sofa in a spot of sunshine!

Napping in the sun:

Snowball Gets a Racing Sponsorship!

November 09, 2012

Yesterday we learned that Snowball and I got a racing sponsorship from Petco, which includes serving as Ambassadors for the 2013 Petco Walk.Run.Walk 5K! Below is our pic from last year's race.

Petco Walk.Run.Walk 5K (January 2012):

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Watch the Ducks Take a Bath

November 08, 2012

Lots of fun watching the ducks take a bath, right alongside our dock!


Oliver, Snow and Fiona Help with iPhone Programming

November 07, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona help with iPhone programming. Actually, Snow helps while Oliver and Fiona show complete disinterest ;-)

Coding dog Snow:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy Oliver's Galley Clubhouse, While Fiona Relaxes on the Sofa

November 06, 2012

Snow hangs out with Oliver in the galley, while Fiona prefers the sofa.

Hanging Out:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Relax on the Boat

November 05, 2012

Oliver enjoys a walk at sunset, while Fiona looks like a little doe resting on the sofa.


Oliver, Snow and Fiona Get Ready for Bed

November 04, 2012

After lots of fresh air and sunshine, Oliver *yawns* and goes to bed in the little cat bed, Snow takes over Oliver's clubhouse in the galley, and Fiona crashes on the sofa as usual.

Bed time!:

Oliver Attends the San Diego Spaniel Rescue Meetup, While Snow and Fiona Relax on the Boat

November 03, 2012

After everyone enjoyed lots of walks, Snow and Fiona napped while Oliver attended the San Diego Spaniel Rescue Meetup!

Oliver and friends:

Oliver doesn't want to go home!:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Go Looking for the Skunk

November 02, 2012

Now that Oliver has shown Snow and Fiona where the skunk lives, everyone wants to make it the first stop on our morning walk! We won't be doing that...

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Their Walks and Meet a Skunk

November 01, 2012

Everyone enjoyed lots of walks, and Olive was the first to spot the skunk as it crept under the gate at E dock! No pics of the skunk as I was too busy trying to restrain an overly-excited Oliver!