Oliver Shares His Room with his Sisters

October 30, 2012

Once Snow and Fiona saw that Oliver was enjoying the new lounge space in the galley, they decided to join him. Thankfully, Oliver is very gracious and allowed his sisters to hang out in his new pad.

Oliver shares his new room:

Oliver Enjoys His Own Room!

October 29, 2012

After the M&M (mis-)adventure, I decided to remove the table from the galley as it was just becoming a catch-all for books, papers etc. I converted it into a lounge area, which Oliver immediately seized as his own!

Oliver enjoys his new room:

Snow at her usual lookout station:

Fiona at her usual spot on the sofa:

Snow Models My Lake Hodges 50K Ultramarathon Trail Race Finisher Medal

October 28, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona spent the day at their grandma's house while I ran the Lake Hodges 50K Ultramarathon Trail Race. They enjoyed a full day of relaxation and sunshine in the yard, while I ran and ran and ran :-)

Snow wearing my Lake Hodges 50K finisher medal:

Snow Models Her BRR Tutu

October 27, 2012

We were all wiped out after yesterday's full day at the vet, so we missed out on supporting the BRR at the Spooktacular 10K race. Snowball wore her BRR singlet and tutu out on deck to support her teammates!

Snow shows her team spirit:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Visit the Vet

October 26, 2012

Oliver and Snow visited the vet for their Bordatella vaccine and routine deworming, while Fiona got her Rabies and Bordatella vaccine as well as routine deworming. Additionally, she had her teeth (what few teeth she had) cleaned. Of the 10 teeth she had, the vet extracted 6 of them. So now Fiona is my little gummy bear! It will take a bit of extra time from now on to prepare her food…including organic chicken puree ;-)

Oliver and Snow leaving the vet:

Fiona resting on the boat after her dental surgery:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Get Ready for Nap Time

October 25, 2012

After lots of walks, the pups get ready for nap time. The girls have staked out their spot on the sofa, while Oliver stretches out on the floor.

Nap time:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Help with Motorcycle Maintenance

October 24, 2012

The pups helped with charging the BMW's battery, lubricating the Triumph's throttle cable, and cleaning both bikes.

Oliver, Snow and Fiona monitor the battery charger:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Hike the Trails

October 23, 2012

The pups enjoyed their walks on the trails, chasing lizards and other fun things.

Everyone goes off-road:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Cloudy Skies

October 22, 2012

The pups enjoyed their walks at the marina under cool, cloudy skies - perfect weather for long walks!



Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Organic Chicken for Breakfast AND Dinner!

October 21, 2012

Poor pups were hungry after yesterday's vet adventure, so they enjoyed freshly boiled organic chicken for breakfast AND dinner!

Everyone is ready for a post-breakfast nap:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Take a Trip to the Emergency Vet

October 20, 2012

On Friday a nice library patron gave me a small 1.7oz bag of M&Ms, which I brought home and placed on the high table in the galley, figuring the dogs wouldn't be interested in the unopened bag and it was out of reach anyway. Saturday morning I'm fixing breakfast for the dogs, go out to the van for a minute to retrieve some non-perishable groceries I had left there, only to find when I return a minute later the demolished M&Ms bag on the galley floor, and three innocent-looking dogs sitting on the sofa in the salon. I checked all their mouths to see who had a colorful tongue, and everyone looked innocent. I immediately took all three to the emergency vet to induce vomiting and administer Toxiban. The dog I least suspected, Fiona, "gave up" the evidence. But all three dogs had to go through the procedure. Ugh.

I'm thinking that, as soon as I stepped out of the boat, the three of them worked together as some sort of human pyramid in order to reach the table.

Recovering in the fresh air and freedom-to-poop of Grandma's yard. Snow and Fiona have Toxiban (charcoal) on their faces:

…while Oliver sits longingly by his empty bowl (sorry pup, no food allowed until evening - Dr.'s orders):

Smarty-Pants Oliver

October 19, 2012

Again, we practice "Stay." Oliver loves to show off for his sisters.

Still More "Stay" Practice

October 18, 2012

…for Oliver the expert. Snow and Fiona are *finally* getting it.

Oliver Practices His Lessons on Our Daily Walk

October 17, 2012

…while I hold Snow and Fiona's leashes!

Oliver Practices "Stay" While Snow and Fiona Hike the Trails

October 16, 2012

Oliver loves to show off his knowledge. Here, he practices "Stay." Snow and Fiona are a bit less accommodating ;-)

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Their Daily Walk at the Marina

October 15, 2012

Oliver admires the scenery, Snow smiles like a crazy dog, and Fiona appears to be looking for something!

Snow Models the Raptor Ridge Half Marathon Race Medal

October 14, 2012

Snow models my race medal before work. After work, everyone knocks my shoes all over the place as they enjoy organic chicken!

Oliver Looks Legless!

October 13, 2012

For whatever reason, Oliver perched himself in the salon while placing his front feet on the first step down into the galley. He looks legless!

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Delicious Organic Chicken Broth

October 12, 2012

Everyone shares the organic chicken broth! Afterwards, Fiona lets out a big yawn before her nap in the sunshine.

Snow Listens to the Shortwave Radio

October 11, 2012

While I was down in the galley fixing dinner for everyone, Snow decided to get a closer listen to the shortwave radio. Coincidentally, it's her lookout post.

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Play with Jake

October 10, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed a play day with their pal Jake!


Jake and Oliver decide to play a game of Horseshoes:

Happy Oliver:

Oliver naps near the star toy:

Fiona plays with the star:

Snow and Fiona relax in the van - Fiona is resting in a fabric grocery bag:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Snooze Together

October 09, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona snooze together in their usual spot (lined up on the sofa).


Oliver, Snow and Fiona Take a Nap

October 08, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona usually sleep in a line along the sofa, but sometimes they like their own space. Oliver napped in his cat bed, Snow napped on top of the warm laundry on the table, and Fiona napped solo on the sofa.


Oliver Takes a Break from School

October 07, 2012

Oliver's teacher is on vacation for a few weeks, so we practiced our lessons here at home. Oliver's favorite trick is to shake hands, Snow's favorite trick is to high-five, and Fiona's favorite tricks are rollover and speak.

Tired pups after practicing their lessons:

Oliver Attends the San Diego Spaniel Rescue Meetup

October 06, 2012

Oliver had a blast playing with his Spaniel pals…and he won the door prize!!! He was so tired at the end of the playmate that, when it was time to leave, I had to carry him to the van. He slept the entire way home and most of the afternoon.

Oliver with his pals:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy Organic Chicken for Dinner

October 05, 2012

Everyone patiently waits for…organic chicken!

Waiting for chicken:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Get Ready for Walkies

October 04, 2012

Oliver sits on the pee grass as if it were a porch mat!

Heading out for walks:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Enjoy a Relaxing Walk

October 03, 2012

Everyone enjoyed a relaxing walk with fresh air and sunshine!


Oliver Meets a Group of Nuns

October 02, 2012

While returning to the dock, we encountered a group of nuns from Missionaries of Charity. There were maybe 6 or 7, all of whom looked like younger versions of Mother Teresa. They immediately fell in love with Oliver, and giggled as they told me the names of all the other dogs they met on their walk. One of the nuns misheard the name Oliver, and she kept calling him Albert. The head nun laughed and said "No, he is not Albert, he is Oliver!!" All the nuns laughed! The same nun said she didn't know what the command is called in English, when she asked Oliver "Give me your hand." The head nun laughed again and said "it is not a hand, it is a paw!!" All the nuns laughed again!

Oliver was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, and seemed to be a bit afraid. The head nun said "Oh, he is afraid! We understand - there are many of us and we are foreign." Then we all laughed!!! They asked how to get to the pier, and continued on their walk, giggling loudly as they continued on their way. I wish I'd had my camera with me!

Snow and Fiona missed the nuns:

Oliver Attends PetSmart Training

October 01, 2012

Oliver had a blast at school, and worked on his sit/stand and heel lessons. After seeing Fiona do rollover, Oliver has finally decided that it is a trick he enjoys doing.

Oliver waits for his teacher: