Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Relax on a Lazy Afternoon

July 31, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona relax on the boat after a nice day of playing, walking, and practicing their lessons.

Nap time for Fiona and Snow (Oliver was on my lap):

Oliver checks out the outdoor wildlife, while Fiona and Snow relax:

Oliver and Fiona have a blast barking at a neighbor dog (Snow was on my lap):

Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Nap Together Before PetSmart Training Class, and Fiona Learns to Speak!

July 30, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona nap together on the boat after a full day of playing in Grandma's yard. They all attended PetSmart Training Class, where the trainer amazingly sat them all in a line and they practiced what they've learned. Fiona learned to speak!

Nap time after playing at Grandma's house and before PetSmart Training Class:

Fiona is missing most of her teeth, so her tongue tends to fall out of her mouth at times:

Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Enjoy Organic Chicken for Breakfast

July 29, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed organic chicken for breakfast. Lots of excitement, as always, when the organic chicken is ready for boiling!

Everyone checks out what's for breakfast:

Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Visit with Grandma, Dale and Ofel!

July 28, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona visited with Grandma, as well as their Aunt Dale and Cousin Ofel. We played in Grandma's yard, and took a nice walk (Ofel took Fiona, Dale took Oliver, and I took Snow). Ofel introduced each dog to the neighbor: "This one, in caramel and white, is called Fiona."

Ofel's first dog-walking experience:

Dale and Oliver:

Snow kisses the neighbor lady:

Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Have a Good Laugh and Play in the Galley

July 27, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona have fun playing in the galley. They love to sit together and nap together under the dining table - it's like their own little clubhouse.

Snow and Fiona share a laugh:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona relax in the galley:

Oliver and Fiona Go Kayaking!

July 26, 2012

Oliver and Fiona took a ride in the kayak (Fiona went in the morning before work, Oliver went in the evening after work). To my knowledge, this was the first time either of them had been in a kayak. Fiona felt completely immobilized when I put her lifejacket on, so I carried her to the kayak. She sat completely still the entire time, trying to figure out why we were doing this. Oliver enjoyed showing off his sporty attire, walking up and down the dock. He did everything from try to snap at the water droplets falling from the paddle, look through the peek-a-boo plexiglass flooring to search for fish, shake hands with all the duck, contemplate diving overboard for a quick swim, and take over the navigation!

Sporty Oliver:

A serious-looking Fiona:

Oliver, Snow and Fiona Relax Together

July 25, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed lots of fresh air and exercise before work. When I arrived at the boat on my lunch break to take them all out for a walk, this is how they were sitting. When I returned to the boat after work, they were in the same places again (Oliver in the middle).


Oliver, Snow, and Fiona Enjoy Lots of Walks, Relaxing on Deck, and Dining on Organic Chicken

July 24, 2012

Oliver, Snow and Fiona enjoyed the spectacular weather, lots of walks, and a nice dinner of organic chicken.

Relaxing on deck:

Oliver, Snow, and the Little One Enjoy a Relaxing Afternoon, and the Little One Attends PetSmart Training and Gets a Name - Fiona (Fifi)

July 23, 2012

Oliver, Snow and the Little One took lots of walks and enjoyed a few naps. The Little One attended PetSmart training and it was immediately apparent that she's a quick learner. The trainer checked the microchip number with the Banfield database but no match. The trainer also trimmed the Little One's nails as they were extremely long, and she gave her the name Fiona (nickname Fifi). On our nighttime walk, we encountered a Great Blue Heron on our dock. We slowly approached and it gently flew from our path - amazing that none of the dogs barked!

Afternoon nap (Oliver waits for more food):

The Little One awaits her training session at PetSmart:

Oliver, Snow, and the Little One Enjoy a Training Session (Sit/Stay/Come/Stay) in Grandma's Yard

July 22, 2012

Oliver and Snow practiced their sit/stay/come/stay, while the Little One practiced sit.

Training Session at Grandma's:

Oliver and Snow Take Their New Sister to the Vet

July 21, 2012

Oliver and Snow's new sister is suffering from a skin condition and urinary problems, so we took her to the vet. The vet scanned and provided me with the dog's microchip number, which I uploaded to the chip manufacturer's web site. If the owners have a change of heart and wish to reclaim their dog, they can contact me and reimburse me for the veterinary bills.

Family portrait at Grandma's after the vet visit:

Oliver and Snow (Unexpectedly) Get a Sister

July 20, 2012

A small dog (no collar/tag) was dumped in the library lobby and was turned in to our lost and found. She was put to work when it became apparent that she knew the Dewey Decimal System. She was unclaimed at the end of the day, so I left my bicycle at work and carried her home with me. Oliver and Snow immediately fell in love with her.

Small dog sorts books and enjoys life on a boat:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy a Post-Workout Nap

July 19, 2012

After several nice long walks, Oliver and Snow enjoy a brief nap…followed by several more long walks :-)

Oliver and Snow nap:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy a Morning Walk - Without Barking (Well, Almost ;-)

July 18, 2012

Oliver and Snow enjoyed their 1-hour morning walk, and didn't bark at anyone they met…until we we unexpectedly encountered a small dog who initiated the barking. Other than that once incident, I continue to be amazed at how Oliver and Snow have improved their leash-walking and how Snow has improved her behavior towards other dogs, thanks to PetSmart training!

Oliver and Snow enjoy their morning walk:

Oliver and Snow Relax on the Boat

July 17, 2012

Oliver and Snow enjoyed lots of walks and a nice afternoon nap. Oliver finds the strangest places to nap! His latest spot is near the kayak cart. Snow prefers the sofa.

Oliver and Snow enjoy the afternoon:

Oliver and Snow Attend Private Class at PetSmart

July 16, 2012

Oliver and Snow attended their private lesson at PetSmart. Despite having spent much of the afternoon playing in a friend's yard, both Oliver and Snow were so excited to be in class that they were completely inattentive. The trainer said that if Snow were a human being, she would be the ultimate party girl! All Snow wanted to do was jump around, although she did demonstrate proper saying of hello to a Yorkie in a dress and a Schnauzer! Oliver just wanted to shake hands with everyone, regardless of the command. Still, a fun time was had by all!

Oliver and Snow before class:

Oliver and Snow Visit Marion Bear Park for the Sidewinder 10K Trail Race

July 15, 2012

Oliver and Snow attended the Sidewinder 10K trail race, enjoying a pre- and post- race hike on the trails. There was all kinds of excitement when they spotted a rabbit!

Oliver and Snow enjoy the trails:

Oliver and Snow See Anne Frank!

July 14, 2012

Oliver and Snow visited SDRI to pick up my running bib, and we saw an image of Anne Frank in a nearby parking lot.

Oliver and Snow see Anne Frank:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy a Morning Walk and Organic Chicken

July 13, 2012

Oliver and Snow enjoyed a morning walk at the north marina, followed by organic chicken for breakfast. They shared some of their chicken with the neighbor dog Missy.

Oliver and Snow on their morning walk:

Organic chicken for breakfast:

Missy enjoys her chicken:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy a Morning Walk with a Buddy

July 12, 2012

Oliver and Snow ran into a buddy who accompanied us on our morning walk. I was amazed at how Oliver and Snow walked properly and responded to "leave it" when we encountered other dogs. During their afternoon walk, however, they seemed to have forgotten everything and barked at everyone they saw.

Oliver and Snow stop to enjoy the view on their morning walk:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy Their Daily Morning Walk at the Marina

July 11, 2012

Oliver and Snow enjoy a walk at the marina every morning (and throughout the day, and in the evening :-). This morning was a mix of sun and clouds, and was a bit humid (reminding me of a *perfect* weather day in Maryland ;-)

Oliver and Snow enjoy their morning walk:

Oliver and Snow Smile at Each Other Before Nap Time

July 10, 2012

Oliver and Snow smile at each other when I tell them, after our long walk and my 20-mile run, that it's nap time!

Oliver and Snow smiling at each other:

Oliver and Snow Attend Class at PetSmart!

July 9, 2012

Oliver and Snow attended their private training at PetSmart. We arrived early (as always), and the Puppy Class was in session, practicing walking properly around the store. Snow started barking at nearly every dog we encountered in the aisles, so tonight's lesson for us was how to say hello to other dogs. Oliver already does this well, but Snow barks at every dog she meets. Snow has never been properly socialized, which is why she was in a "private condo" at the shelter. I was truly amazed to see how the trainer was able to get Snow to greet other dogs - the trainer performs miracles!!!

Oliver and Snow, before class, check out the cat food and toys:

Oliver and Snow Snuggle after a Fun Day!

July 8, 2012

After a fun day of walking at the marina and playing in Grandma's yard, Oliver and Snow snuggle at bedtime.

Oliver and Snow Attend the San Diego Spaniel Rescue Meetup

July 7, 2012

Oliver and Snow had a blast at the monthly SDSR Meetup! Oliver played with his spaniel friends, while Snow stayed in my arms (although I'm trying to improve her social skills, she's still a bit too aggressive with other dogs). It was really fun watching the dogs play with the ball machine!

Oliver and Snow See the Baby Ducklings and Study for the Technician Class Ham Radio License

July 6, 2012

The wildlife is starting to return after the July 4 fuel spill, and we saw some baby ducklings (and even some fish!) near our dock.

Baby ducklings:

Oliver and Snow had so much fun meeting the SOBARS on their annual field day that we decided to study for the Technician Class Ham Radio License.

Taking a break from studying:

Oliver and Snow Spend the Day at Grandma's Due to the Fuel Spill at the Marina

July 5, 2012

There was a massive fuel spill in the harbor sometime during the night. I didn't notice it while we were asleep, as I had closed the salon door because of the noisy revelers on shore. So we awoke to seeing our boat (and the entire harbor) engulfed in fuel (the surface of the water appeared multi-colored and smelled strongly of fuel). Both the Coast Guard and the Dock Master were surveying the damage when we went for our morning walk. Rather than leave Oliver and Snow on the boat while I worked a 3hr shift, I took them to visit their Grandma.

The harbor appeared much cleaner when we returned to the boat in the early evening, but there was no wildlife out at all - no ducks, no jumping fish, no seagulls, no least terns, no great blue herons - nothing! It was very eerie.

Oliver and Snow did get to enjoy organic chicken for breakfast, as well as play with their nylabones in the evening.

Oliver and Snow wait for chicken!

Oliver and Snow enjoy their nylabones in the early evening:

I try to get Oliver and Snow to enjoy the sunset...

…but they prefer to keep playing with their nylabones:

Oliver and Snow (Don't Particularly) Enjoy the Fireworks

July 4, 2012

This was the first 4th of July holiday on the boat and, although the marina residents were quiet throughout the day and into the night, there were tons of families in the surrounding park with drunk adults partying until midnight, yelling, singing "99 Bottles of Beer" and setting off fireworks.

Snow was completely disinterested in the entire event. At first, Oliver was interested in seeing the fireworks at a distance. But when the morons in the park started setting off all kinds of loud/illegal fireworks, Oliver got a bit scared. So we closed the salon door and Oliver sat next (then attached himself) to Snow.

Oliver (at first) interested in the fireworks:

Oliver doesn't like the noise and sits next to Snow:

Oliver snuggles with Snow:

Oliver and Snow Smooch!

July 3, 2012

Oliver and Snow smooch! They are truly inseparable!!

Oliver and Snow Attend PetSmart Training

July 2, 2012

Oliver and Snow practiced their lessons including sit, stay, down, rollover, play dead, meerkat, shake hands, high five, spin, and learned some new tricks including doggie pushups (sit/down repeated quickly), Navy Seal (crawling along the floor) and wave!

Oliver and Snow anxiously await their training lesson:

Oliver and Snow Practice Walking Properly on a Leash

July 1, 2012

Oliver and Snow are practicing walking on a leash. They first practice together, then separately, then together again. This morning they both sat calmly, with the leashes relaxed, while a woman walking a dog approached.

Oliver and Snow sit calmly while a dog approaches: