Oliver and Snow Take a 5K Training Run, and Oliver Attends PetSmart Training

April 30, 2012

5K Training Run:
The weather on the coast was cool and overcast, so Oliver and Snow took a (leisurely) 5K training run. Oliver will be wearing his Bonita Road Runners uniform soon!

Post-run pics (still energized then zzzzzz after a snack of organic baby carrots followed by a massage):

PetSmart Training:
Woke up both Oliver and Snow to attend PetSmart Training class. Snow snoozed in the van while Oliver learned "leave it" and how to greet people (first sit, then greet). It was absolutely hilarious when Oliver's attention was waning, and he suddenly became alert when the trainer said the word "margarita."

Admiring the fish before class:

Oliver and Snow Enjoy Chicken Broth and Register for the Chula Vista Community 5K (Oliver's First Race!)

April 29, 2012

Oliver and Snow share after-dinner chicken broth: Oliver somehow manages to keep his ears out of the bowl.

Oliver and Snow register for the Chula Vista Community 5K: Oliver's first race (as far as I know)! The registration fees help to support the Chula Vista Public Library, and the race is held on May 19, 2012 at the Olympic Training Center.

Oliver Learns Down, Helps Snow Bark at a Piñata and Both Enjoy Organic Chicken Dinner on the Boat

April 28, 2012

Oliver did a superb job on his homework (learning "down"). He then enjoyed exploring my mom's yard and playing ball, but even more exciting was the Hello Kitty piñata both Oliver and Snow could see next door (and therefore bark at it). We then returned to the boat where Oliver and Snow enjoyed dinner on deck (organic chicken). No one has yet used the pet grass for its intended use, so it made for a nice placemat. Oliver and Snow never go outside without their leashes, but I knew the local wildlife wouldn't be a distraction at dinnertime.

Oliver practices down:

Oliver and Snow bark at a piñata:

Oliver and Snow dine on deck (organic chicken):

Oliver resting after playing ball in my mom's yard:

Organic, free-range vegetarian-fed chicken for dinner:

Dining on deck:

Visit to the Vet, Playing with the Nylabone and Video of the Great Blue Heron

April 27, 2012

Visit to the Vet: Oliver has an eye infection, so he visited South Bay Veterinary Hospital for an exam and some eye drops (while Snow snoozed in the van). Oliver had a blast visiting the staff and Chloe the Yorkie (with a temporary mohawk), Princess the Cat, and Snoopy the Chihuahua (who kept peeing on the floor). Oliver was very brave, happily letting me put the drops in his eye without even flinching.

Playing with the Nylabone: Arriving home from the vet, Oliver and Snow decided they wanted to play with their Nylabones.

Great Blue Heron: A Great Blue Heron has been hanging out lately near our boat, providing hours of entertainment for Oliver and Snow. I was able to get a video of the Great Blue Heron flying from the dock. [View video] (22 seconds)

Oliver and Snow Dig a Big Hole and Chase Ducks

April 26, 2012

Snow shows Oliver how to dig a big hole. Oliver and Snow then decide it would be fun to chase after (but not catch) the ducks, but Snow decides it's more fun to go back to digging another hole.

Oliver's Footprint (at left) and Snow's Footprint (at right):

Morning Walk

April 25, 2012

Playground: Oliver and Snow take over the kids' playground near the marina.

Pier Walk: Enjoying a walk along the pier.

Post-walk nap: Oliver and Snow, this time joined together at the paw, relaxing in the galley after a 1.5 mile morning walk.

Life as a Liveaboard

April 24, 2012

Relaxing: Oliver enjoys life as a liveaboard, watching a low-flying pelican and ignoring the neighbor dog Missy.

Captain Oliver: Maybe I should remove the keys from the ignition...

Post-walk rest: Oliver and Snow joined together at the hip, relaxing in the galley after a 1.5 mile morning walk.

Snow and Oliver's First Day Together

April 23, 2012

Photo of Oliver (DP) from the San Diego Spaniel Rescue web site - he was irresistible!

Foster Mom Marie-France with Oliver (DP): Arriving at the Marina, in front of my RV decorated with "Welcome DP and Marie-France" signs. I also plastered the motorcycle and boat with signs, and stood at the marina entrance like a human directional with sign LOL

Playing at the marina and chasing the ducks (video):

Relaxing: After a nice 1.5 mile walk at the marina, it was time for a bit of relaxation on the sofa…

Petsmart Training: After dinner, it was time for a private training lesson with Erika at Petsmart. Snow and Oliver enjoyed a walk around the store, then Snow napped in the van while Oliver practiced walking on a leash and learning "down" (he already knows"sit"). Oliver is a much more cooperative student than is Snow ;-)

Visit with Grandma: Stopped at my mom's house on the way home from Petsmart, so she could meet Oliver and he could check out her house and big yard. Oliver quickly learned that I'm a floor-sitter, and hopped his way into my lap (with Snow).